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Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Hyman was Co-Medical Director at Canyon Ranch Lenox, an internationally acclaimed health resort where he combined the best of conventional and alternative medicine with a blend of science, intuition, integrity and compassion. He is the co-author of the recent New York Times bestselling book Ultraprevention, the Six Week Plan that Will Make You Healthy for Life, and winner of the Books for Better Life Award. He is also the author and creator of The Detox Box, A Program for Greater Health and Vitality (Sounds True, 2004). He is Editor in Chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most prestigious journal in the field of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Hyman frequently lectures on natural approaches to common health conditions, optimal health, cardiovascular health, menopause and women's health, brain wellness, obesity and weight loss, optimal aging and longevity medicine. His appearances on television include the Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, The View with Barbara Walters and CNN, PBS, and he was recently featured on the PBS television special Get a Life. He has been heard on NPR and many other radio programs, and is quoted regularly in popular magazines including Natural Health, Health, Self, Town & Country, Elle, Fitness, Glamour, Shape and Family Circle.

Dr. Hyman's practice at Canyon Ranch was affiliated with Harvard University's Brigham and Women's Hospital. Collaborations included joint programs for professional and lay audiences on health and wellness, and pioneering research on the effects of lifestyle and nutritional therapies on chronic illness. He is also involved with the Tufts Center for Human Nutrition and Aging and the International Longevity Center with whom he collaborated in a workshop and position statement on the "Biomarkers of Aging."

Dr. Hyman received a B.A. with distinction in Asian Studies from Cornell University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa in Canada with a degree in Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training at a Family Medicine Program of the University of California at San Francisco. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He worked as a rural family physician in the mountains of Idaho, and in China as the Medical Director for development and planning of an international medical center in Beijing. He also consulted with Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong about medical centers for expatriates in Asia before returning to western Massachusetts where he has settled with his family. Before taking his current position at Canyon Ranch, Dr. Hyman worked in an inner city emergency room in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Dr. Hyman has broad interests in medicine including preventive medicine, Functional Medicine and the emerging field of Integrative Medicine. He has trained in Clinical Mind/Body Medicine with Herbert Benson at Harvard. He has studied Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil M.D. and has trained with Dean Ornish M.D., Joan Borysenko Ph.D., and David Eisenberg M.D. He is currently on the Faculty and the Board of Directors of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a pioneering educational center for training health professionals in the science and practice of nutritional biochemistry, molecular medicine and preventing and treating the diseases of aging. He recently testified at the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Health Promotion and Wellness, and met with and advised the Surgeon General on a new diabetes prevention initiative. He recently gave testimony as part of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine's Stakeholder Forum. Dr. Hyman is on the editorial board of the new major medical journal, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal.

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